Graeme Was Worried About Selling His House


My name is Graeme.

The property that I just sold is number 14 Luntar Road Oakleigh South…previously with Ray White.

And of course TG Newton, the reason why I didn’t choose Ray White, would as people were not nice and pretty well hell bent on doing a auction which I wasn’t comfortable with. Those things that I don’t like about auctions is the number of people that you don’t know entering your home. You don’t know what their motives are and being a proud owner of this house.

I was uncomfortable with people that I wasn’t familiar with.

Coming and going my opinion to real estate agents I’m still I was scared because a word of mouth and newspapers and one thing and another I was uncomfortable with and had reservations at their agents. I didn’t have a lot of confidence in going down a path with it. I knew I had to go with one but… Just not not comfortable with the industry itself.

I haven’t had any personal experience with other agents but I know people had gone down that path and been beaten badly and it doesn’t give you a lot of confidence in the industry. I’ve gotta say when I met Tony I was suitably impressed. One of the concerns about selling the house was the fact that.

There’s been a downturn in the market. I figured that it was probably going to be tough to give over asking for. The one thing that Tony said to me that really stuck in my mind, Is am working for you. It’s my job to get the best price for your house possible. I am working for you, I didn’t get that from any of the other agents.

And to his word and credibility. It’s exactly what he did.