Glennie Ave Oakleigh South – SOLD and HAPPY

Lloyd: How did you come to us in the first place?
Michael: It was actually Luke that I think contacted me first. It was at a time when we were looking at building or maybe had started just building the back unit and it was something we were going to do anyway, was to sell this property. I had some, I guess, prior experience with Jenman, if you will, in Sydney with my folks selling, and I thought they did a good job. When I found out that Newton was part of that sort of group I thought, okay, that would be a good way to go.
Lloyd: Awesome. Did you speak to any other agents?
Michael: Yes. There was someone else that came through maybe to months earlier, while we still weren’t ready to, but I thought let’s just get the ball rolling and see what we can do.
Lloyd: Okay. Cool. Luke told me that your neighbors mentioned something about price. Then I just wanted to, well I suppose that would sum it up in a nutshell. Can you tell me what your neighbors said to you?
Michael: Yeah. He said there was someone that might have been interested that were initially going to buy the house a few years ago when we bought it and they might be interested in getting it now. He sort of just said, aw, that price that you’re putting out for is probably a bit high don’t you think? Obviously, you know. I said, look, you know, it might be but we’ll give it a go.
Dijanna: Luke said we’ll see.
Michael: Yeah, and I told Luke afterward and he said, well we’ll see. Then afterwards when we sold the house a few days later, I saw him at the front end, obviously he saw the sold sign and was like, how did you go? He was shocked.
Lloyd: The neighbor was shocked at the price?
Dijanna: Yes
Michael: He was shocked and did his cross.
Lloyd: A lot of times when you’ve got your property on the market for a fixed price, people think you can’t get more than what you asked for.
Michael: That’s right.
Lloyd: Can you tell me about your experience with the asking price? What it was and what it ended up selling for?
Dijanna: I think initially we wanted in our pockets around five sixty, five seventy, so we would have been content with that, but we actually got five thousand dollars more than what we had put it up for which was even more than what we had expected, so it well surpassed our expectations and even what we had hoped for in best case scenario to pass that again. We were just ecstatic, couldn’t believe it.
Michael: Going on the previous agent that we had come through. It’s not necessarily that we didn’t think they would do a good job, but we weren’t fans of the auctioning.
Dijanna: I don’t think we were as confident in their strategy.
Michael: Yeah
Dijanna: We’ve attended a lot of auctions and we just don’t like how a lot of them end up not just passing in and end up in negotiations. I think none of us are fans of marketing…
Michael: [crosstalk 03:12] They ended up doing negotiations anyway, so…
Dijanna: …something for six weeks to end up with no sales. We really didn’t want that. Luke’s strategy just made a lot of sense and we were really comfortable with it. It’s not something that’s scary. That’s why we went ahead with it.
Lloyd: Awesome. Can you tell me about the timeframe, how long you guys were on the market and how quickly…?
Michael: I think Luke put it up on Thursday and it was sold on Monday. Well, we signed our first document
Dijanna: We got our first offer four days later or something like that. Again we…
Michael: So very cool. I was thinking it would be at least two or three weeks…
Dijanna: [crosstalk 03:49] a few weeks
Michael: …to get an offer or touring and then we’d have to [inaudible 03:51] …so yeah, definitely different than what we thought
Lloyd: What would you say to someone else who was thinking about selling in this area? What would you say to them?
Dijanna: I would tell them to confidently use Newton and to have all the confidence in Luke.
Michael: Lloyd as well.
Lloyd: He gets the easy part. He starts with you guys.
Dijanna: Sorry.
Lloyd: No it’s fine [inaudible 04:21] Dijanna: Everything that he said he would do, he did, and even surpassed. He delivered everything to the highest standard we could have possibly imagined. We’ve had a few dealings with real estate agents before and we’ve always been a little bit disappointed in how we’ve been treated, but this was nothing like that and we’re just really grateful that we were treated so well and that our experience was just better than we could have imagined.
Lloyd: Awesome. Awesome. Yeah, pretty much covers it. Is there anything else you want them to say to Luke?
Luke: That’s pretty much it.
Lloyd: Another thing that I often hear when speaking to people is that most real estate agents want to charge you money for advertising. Can you tell me how much you paid before you sold or how much the advertising was?
Michael: Well, it was about a million … The other thing is, agencies deal with it in different ways, they try to get money in different ways, but we had nothing to pay from that point of view. We had nothing to pay at all if we decided not to sell it, so we were comfortable with that. It was nice and cheap to begin with. You didn’t have to commit to having to take some money out giving that you may or may not sell it for the price you want or sell it at all.
Lloyd: All right, that pretty much sums it up. If I can get you to just stay there for one second. Whoops. Oh my God. I didn’t hit record.
Dijanna: (laughs)
Michael: No, he’s joking.
Lloyd: No, I’m joking.
Dijanna: You’re terrible, [inaudible 06:04].
Lloyd: I actually thought, I hope I pushed record. Sorry guys (laughs)
Michael: I was expecting almost a joke there actually.
Dijanna: These guys are douche bags, do not go with them.
Lloyd: I’ve actually gotten really good at this.
Michael: These real estate agent schools are good, but absolutely shocking with the camera. I wouldn’t hurry for that.
Luke: Wow, that was awesome.
Lloyd: Sorry guys.
Luke: [crosstalk 06:32] Dijanna: Nice touch.
Luke: I didn’t actually realize this, but this is the camera they used, you know that series House, they used this camera they used to film House.
Michael: Really?
Dijanna: What?
Luke: Yeah.
Lloyd: The last series of House.
Michael: What, the medic? Or
Luke: Yeah. That’s why it kind of does twelve minutes of film before it goes [doogt 06:52] Dijanna: Wow!
Michael: Yeah, change the memory stick.
Dijanna: I would have thought they’d have a full crew going on.
Luke: Yeah, but even like this sort of stuff, that’s how much [inaudible 07:02] Lloyd: About four hundred bucks
Luke: Four hundred bucks? Yeah, so this is the little stuff that Hollywood guys use.
Michael: It’s just so small these days isn’t it?
Luke: Yeah, it’s amazing. Was that painful?
Dijanna: Which, this?
Luke: Yeah.
Dijanna: No, no! It was fine
Lloyd: All right, we got it guys. Thank you so much.
Dijanna: No, you’re welcome. Thank you. Pleasure.
Luke: I won’t touch the buttons because I don’t know what I’m doing.