Are you Selling in Brighton East, South Road, Hampton areas? Please help Gary buy.

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Gary: Gary speaking.

Kate: Hi Gary. It’s Kate from TG Newton Real Estate. How you going?

Gary: Good thanks, How are you?

Kate: Good. Thank you. Now I just want to double check that you’ve given me permission to record this conversation to pop on our website to help you, hopefully, find a property that you been looking for a while for.

Gary: Yeah. No problem. Let’s do it.

Kate: Okay. What sort of area are you looking in, Gary?

Gary: We’re looking in some parts of East Brighton that are closer to South Road.

Kate: Okay.

Gary: I have a daughter who is going to go to school on South Road to Haileybury. It has to be within walking distance if possible to the transport into that school. Or the second area we would consider is Hampton.

Kate: Or Hampton. Okay. What sort of size property are you looking for? Have you got a specific size block that you’re after or a number of bedrooms?

Gary: Basically, there’s two options. We either buy a block for around 1.4, 1.5ish mark or maybe a little bit more. It doesn’t have to be a massive block, it can be like 620 meters, and then we’ll build a home on it. Like a 35 square, 35, 36 square home. Or, alternatively, we buy a ready product. We’ll be after around the two million mark. It is a modern, two story, three bedrooms and a study at minimum home with two bathrooms, two living zones, and a lock-up garage.

Kate: Okay.

Gary: On the northern side of the road with a northern facing backyard.

Kate: Fantastic. All right. And so you’re happy for me to send out a letter to these areas to see if I can help you find a seller?

Gary: That would be great.

Kate: Fantastic. All right. Well, I’ll get working on that for you and hopefully we’ll find something for you soon.

Gary: Appreciate your time.

Kate: Great. Thanks, Gary.

Gary: Thank you. Bye.

Kate: Bye.

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