Are you Selling in Oakleigh, Oakleigh East, Mount Waverley, Bentleigh…. area? Please help Edwin buy.


Tony: The property search that we said we’d help you with …

Edwin: Yes, yes.

Tony: … Just to talk about what your … In the areas that you’re looking for again, was around the Oakleigh and-

Edwin: Oakleigh East-

Tony: Oakleigh East, yup.

Edwin: Bentleigh East …

Tony: Yes. Mount Waverley?

Edwin: Mount Waverley if it’s a flat block, if it’s you know …

Tony: Yeah.

Edwin: Because builders don’t build in raised leveled blocks …

Tony: Sure.

Edwin: … So yeah, it’s very expensive mate. My daughter spent about $120,000 on site costs.

Tony: Yup.

Edwin: She built with metal…, they charge $120,000 only site costs.

Tony: Okay.

Edwin: And then she spent about I think 50- $60,000 for retaining works.

Tony: Yes, yes.

Edwin: Very expensive, very expensive procedure. So she said, “Don’t ever buy a block of land in Mount Waverley and try to build because it’s a bit of a mess.”

Tony: Absolutely, absolutely. So no, I just wanted to cover off those-

Edwin: So probably avoid Mount Waverley unless it’s like a very flat block.

Tony: Yup.

Edwin: But otherwise, we have Bentleigh East and Oakleigh East would be the preferable places.

Tony: Okay. No problem.

Edwin: You said Hughesdale is a bit expensive so forget Hughesdale.

Tony: Sure, sure. Okay, and at this point in time if the right property pops up, you are in a position that you are ready to buy?

Edwin: Yes, yes, yes.

Tony: Yup, okay. Fantastic, sounds good.