Are you Selling in Highett? Please help Dora buy.

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Dora: Hello Dora speaking.

Senan: Hi Dora, it’s Senan again at TG Newton Real Estate.

Dora: Hi, yes, hi.

Senan: Hi, so Dora. As I told you before this call is going to be recorded.

Dora: Okay.

Senan: Yep, so do you give me consent to record it and put on our website?

Dora: Ah, that should be fine.

Senan: Yep, beautiful. All right. So all I need to know is what exactly are you looking for so I can tell our sellers.

Dora: Yeah looking for a three bedroom house, one or two bathrooms, preferably on 400 square meters. So a half block or a unit, and with outdoor area, with a bit of outdoor area for our kids. Yeah, and mainly Highett area.

Senan: Yep, beautiful. All right, so I’ve got this now recorded. I made a note as well of what you’re looking for and then as I said I’ll send a letter to Highett and see what response I get.

Dora: Okay.

Senan: And I’ll keep you updated with everything.

Dora: Cool, sounds good.

Senan: All right. Thank you Dora.

Dora: Thank you. Thanks.

Senan: No worries.

Dora: Bye.

Senan: Bye.