COVID-19 Information for clients


COVID – 19 (Coronavirus)
From Jim Grigoriou and all of us at


As we all know, our world is in the grip of what the World Health Organisation (WHO) has classed as a “Pandemic” regarding the virus known as COVID – 19 (aka ‘CORONAVIRUS).

Each day there seems to be more bad news, more fear and more worry in our community. Although, like many Australians we felt a huge surge of relief at our Federal government’s wise decision on March 19 to effectively “seal Off” our country from the world. Self-isolation has proven to be very effective.

Although compared to other places, Victoria has barely been touched – and, for all our sakes, we hope we avoid the worse of this insidious virus – our hearts go out to those in the world who are suffering. We also offer our deepest condolences to families who have lost loved ones. In addition, we feel enormous sympathy for all whose livelihoods are hurt or whose savings have been decimated due to share prices plummeting.

At TG Newton the safety and well-being of our customers and staff has always been our priority.

During this virus crisis, we will do our best to ensure minimum inconvenience to customers while ensuring maximum safety for everyone. We sincerely seek your patience and understanding.

Here are some points we wish to share with you about this worrying period:

  1. We will rigidly abide to all health and safety requirements.
  2. Our staff now have the option of doing much of their work from home.
  3. Staff members showing any signs of illness will be asked to stay home.
  4. We will only show homes to qualified and identified buyers. We will not hold any public ‘Open Home’ inspections for any reason. We suggest all agents stop such inspections.
  5. We will video properties and offer ‘video inspections’ to buyers. So, in many cases, you can sell your home without buyers physically inspecting it. Conditions may apply.
  6. We will not be calling at your home unannounced. By pre-agreed appointment only.
  7. As far as possible, we will ‘meet’ with clients by phone conference or video link calls.
  8. We will resist all attempts by ‘opportunists’ to lower prices of our clients’ homes.
  9. We may ask some landlords to offer ‘deferred rent’ to tenants whose incomes are hurt.
  10. We will increase our services hours from 9.00 – 5pm to a 24/7 availability service.
  11. No matter what it takes or costs, we will never charge any customers in advance.

Let’s all be confident about one sure fact THIS CRISIS WILL END

“Where there is uncertainty there can be hope. Where there is hope there can be possibilities. Where there are possibilities anything can happen”.   LINCOLN HALL.