Are you selling in Wheelers Hill areas? close to Good Shepherd Primary School and Brandon Park? Please help Christo and Dirony buy…

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Tony: So, Christo, you are looking to buy in the Wheelers Hill area, is that correct?

Christo: Yeah it’s correct.

Tony: If you can tell me a little bit about the type of property that you’re looking for?

Christo: Yes. I’m looking basically for a three to four bedroom house, close to the Brandon Park Shopping Center area.

Tony: So close to the Good Shepherd Primary School and-

Christo: Yeah, the Good Shepherd Primary School, yeah.

Tony: As well, yeah. Okay.

Christo: Correct. That’s right.

Tony: So you have a son that you’re looking that … At going there?

Christo: Exactly.

Tony: Okay. Fantastic.

Christo: My son is currently attending the school, that’s why we’re keen to find a home that is close to the school which incidentally will also be close to the shopping center as well. So it’s quite convenient.

Tony: Fantastic. So you have your finances ready and you’re ready to buy now if the right property came along?

Christo: Yes. Exactly. Been pre-approved, so everything’s good to go.

Tony: Fantastic, okay. And you’re willing to pay a fair market price if the right property also comes along?

Christo: Yes, exactly.

Tony: Great. Okay. Well, fantastic. We’ll see what sort of property we can find for you.

Christo: Sounds good.

Tony: Awesome. Well, I’ll get that started for you.

Christo: Okay.

Tony: And hopefully we can flush something out and see what we can find that’s going to tick the boxes for you.

Christo: Yes. Sounds good to me. Fingers crossed.

Tony: Saves you having to look all the time, eh?

Christo: Yes. Yes, exactly, it’s really important.

Tony: Cause where are you guys living now?

Christo: We’re actually living in Wheelers Hill as well, near the village shopping center area.

Tony: Okay, yep.

Christo: So it’s that area still, but it’ll be nice to move closer to the school.

Tony: All right. Well, I’ll get onto that now for you and get the ball rolling.

Christo: Okay. Thanks Tony.

Tony: All right Christo, well have a good Christmas if I don’t speak to you in the next couple of days.

Christo: Thanks. No problem. Same to you.

Tony: Okay mate.

Christo: Thank you.

Tony: Thanks.

Christo: Bye.

Tony: Bye.