Are you selling in Oakleigh areas? Listen in to Carol and let us help her buy.


Senan: Good day Carol, you tell me that you are looking for a unit in Oakleigh.. obviously, are you?

Carol: I am, I’m looking for my daughter, who’s been living with me for six years but this will be her second purchase of a property. We’re looking for a ground level unit or a dual occupancy. We can accept a few steps to the entry and we want a little back yard and a lock up garage. We want it to be sort of fairly, sort of nice, the kitchen, we don’t want it original if it’s old. If it sort of gets beyond 30 years, we’d hope that the kitchen is freshly renovated, yeah done sort of.

Senan: Okay.

Carol: Yeah, that’s about it.

Senan: You’re seriously on the market now for how long?

Carol: Totally, so I just prefer a private sale. I just started looking, I went to two auctions on Saturday, but we’ve got the money available. It’s got all clear, all the money’s free from the 28th of August. Yeah, I’m just it would be a short, obviously the quicker the settlement the better for us. It’s not, we don’t worry about the public transport. We just want, she won’t be using public transport, she uses taxis. We just want something in the radius of within the Oakleigh shops, probably Huntingdale Road.

Senan: North Road.

Carol: Warrigal Road, Dandenong Road, this side of the railway line where the shops are. We don’t want on the other side. That’s about it.

Senan: Yep, beautiful.

Carol: Yeah, I live on Dandenong Road, so I’m just hoping that she’s keeping..

Senan: Yeah?

Carol: Yeah, so that’s about it.

Senan: Let’s go with that. I’ll put that recording on our website for anyone who wants to check the letters when we send them out, wants to find out if you’re actually serious and genuine.

Carol: Yeah.

Senan: Let’s hope we can find you something.

Carol: All right, thanks so much.

Senan: No problem.