Are you selling in Bentleigh East areas? Listen in to Brijesh and let us help him buy.


Eon: Okay it’s Eon from TG Newton Real Estate here. I’m speaking with Brijesh, or Brijesh. How are you Brijesh?

Brijesh: Good. Yourself?

Eon: Very, very well. I’m speaking with Brijesh because he’s been looking for a property to buy in the Bentleigh East area. Brijesh if you could tell us a little bit about what you’re looking for and how long you’ve been looking for it would be appreciated.

Brijesh: Sure. Thank you for that. Obviously looking for a property be the last like six months. I’m getting ready from last two months obviously looking in that area because it looks closer to my workplace or my business, as well as getting a quiet area and nice people around there. That’s why I started looking in this Bentleigh East place.

Eon: Perfect. Now you’ve mentioned that you’re getting ready to purchase, you’re pretty much ready to go. What areas in Bentleigh East are you looking for specifically? You’ve mentioned a few roads to me.

Brijesh: Sure. I’m just looking close around East Boundary Road to North Road and going up to Warrigal on other sides. At the ends closer to the South Road, obviously not in the South Road, but closer to the South Road.

Eon: Okay. Just to clarify it’s the area bound by North Road, East Boundary Road, Warrigal Road, and Center Road, but we can go a little bit further south of Center Road if need be, which is good. Again you’ve mentioned that you’re getting your finances sorted. Can I ask you if the perfect home came available, the one that it ticks every single box for you, what sort of price are you able to pay? What is the best that you could afford?

Brijesh: Look I can afford up to 1.4. That’s why I’m getting ready with the loans, but around if he says definitely I might say 1.3 is 100% done.

Eon: Yeah, easy. Okay. You’ve also mentioned that you work in the area, so the reason you want to move into the area is because it is nice and close to work. The area is nice and quiet. The people are fairly good. That pretty much answers all my questions. Now obviously you’re also looking for a single dwelling. Land is important to you. What sort of sizes are you looking at?

Brijesh: so far so I’m getting around 650, it will be fantastic for me. Little bit less and plus is not an issue from my side. Minimum 15 wide should be fine.

Eon: Easy. That’s all I need to know. If anyone is listening to this recording, you’ve received a letter from us in the mail. Brijesh is looking to buy. He has been looking for six months. If you can help please call us at 9568-8000. Thank you Brijesh. Appreciate it.

Brijesh: Thank you very much.