Anthony has been looking for a new home now for over 6 months, which is becoming an arduous and frustrating task. He is motivated by possibly the strongest drive there is: Family. As the father of twin boys aged 7 whilst working in the city, he finds he loses much time commuting to and from work that could be better spent with family.

We are hoping to help Anthony change this.

You would have received a letter that has directed you to this page. This is because you live in an area that Anthony has specified as suitable to his needs, being within 10 – 15 minute walking access to a train station. This access will allow Anthony a more effective commute to and from home, which could give him an extra hour of time per day with his family, which he so desires.

If you’d consider selling, please listen to my conversation with Anthony and call me on (03) 9568 8000.


Please add transcription below….

Anthony: Hello, what’s happening?

Eon: Hi Anthony, it’s Eon from TG Newton. How are you?

Anthony: Good, how are you going?

Eon: Not too bad mate. Yes, okay. What I would like to do is cover few things with you. Obviously, you’ve been looking to buy for a little while now. How long have you been looking?

Anthony: I have been looking about six months.

Eon: Yes, okay and you have your reasons for looking. Correct me if I am not mistaken, you are currently living in an area where public transport access is somewhat of a living nightmare for  you to get to work and you are looking to relocate. Are you able to just clarify where you are hoping to relocate to?

Anthony: Yes, we’ve been looking for a little while as mentioned. The plan is to get close to a station either around the Carnegie area and Murrumbeena and as far East as Oakleigh otherwise far North as Ashburton. So those are the main areas.We are also looking at Ormond and McKinnon because of the school zone.

Eon: Yes, okay. When you say stations, you are actually referring to train stations?

Anthony: Yes.

Eon: And when you say “vicinity of”, how close to a train station ideally would you like to be?

Anthony: Not too close but walking distance. I am happy to walk ten or fifteen minutes tops to a train station which I think is about a kilometer from a train station.

Eon: Looking to find a spot closer to public transport so that you will have a better access to work, which is in the city but you are also looking at school zones so you’ve got some kids?

Anthony: Great. We’ve got twin boys who are seven they are coming from a primary school of course. So what is important for us is to find somewhere near primary a school. We are looking at this move as a long term move which will mean that we are also looking at appropriate secondary school too. Public or private it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s reputable one. So that’s certainly a priority for us to look, the schools.

Eon: Okay. Now really quickly, if the perfect property did come up, when you can move into without doing any work to, the perfect place and the right location,  what sort of budget are you allowing for such a property?

Anthony: High ones, it should be the two million mark.

Eon: Yes, okay. Around that two is closer to your extended maximum?

Anthony: Yes.

Eon: For the perfect property on this one. What I’ll do  for you Anthony is I will go out and to start looking for some properties on your behalf and see if I might someone who may have such a property and see if they would consider selling. I will get in contact with you when people start to contact me about property but I’ll see what I can find for you.

Anthony: Okay.

Eon: That’s all I really need to be honest. That’s it.