Are you Selling in Mount Waverley area? Please help Amit buy.

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Eon: All right Amit, It’s Eon from TG Newton, how are you?

Amit: Good, how are you?

Eon: Very well thank you. Now, just to clarify, you’re a buyer’s advocate looking for a property on behalf of a motivated client, is that right?

Amit: That’s correct, they’re ready to buy now.

Eon: Lovely. So if you can, can you just let me know where it is they’re looking and what they’re looking for?

Amit: They’re looking for a property in around Mount Waverley. So somewhere around that area.

Eon: Yep.

Amit: They’re looking for a four bedroom, two bathroom home.

Eon: Yeah.

Amit: Ideally a double garage.

Eon: Yeah.

Amit: And either a North facing or an East facing home.

Eon: Yeah, okay. So are they looking for a family home where they wanna raise some kids and go to the local schools and that sort of thing?

Amit: That’s correct. They’re happy to even do some work to the house if it’s good price.

Eon: Yep.

Amit: But ideally if the house is ready to move in, that’s their ideal scenario. They would even consider larger townhouses if they’re 25 plus squares.

Eon: Yep. Yeah okay. If I may ask, how long have they been looking?

Amit: A couple of months.

Eon: Okay. And finances are ready to go?

Amit: Finance is ready, so they’re very motivated to do something sooner rather than later.

Eon: Cool. If the perfect home, now I’m talking it was absolutely perfect, 100% perfect for these clients. What sort of budget will they be able to go to?

Amit: If they really have to stretch they could potentially go up to $1,500,000.

Eon: Yeah. Okay. And if I can ask, what is it about the area that they’re looking for?

Amit: It’s more for schools zones, if they can get that. But they just want to be in the local area. So they’ve got friends and family in the area and they want to stick around there.

Eon: Yeah, cool. All right, well that’s all I need. What we’ll do is, we’ll see what we can find in the area for you and might be able to help your clients out.

Amit: Great, thanks. Bye.

Eon: Thanks Amit, bye.