Deb Parker

Deb Parker

Asset Manager

Meet Deb,

Your Dynamic Asset Management Expert.

Deb embarked on her asset management career over a decade ago, driven by a avid passion for the industry. Deb stands out for her remarkable ability to forge lasting relationships with landlords and tenants, skilfully connecting people with their perfect homes and providing consistent, long-term support. Her personal experience as a property owner deeply informs her approach, emphasizing the importance of clear communication, transparency, and a respectful treatment of each property.

With a diverse background that includes childcare and the building industry, Deb is adept at addressing maintenance issues, enhancing her comprehensive property management skills. Deb is known for her proactive and communicative approach, relishing the challenges and variety inherent in asset management. Her approach is not just professional but personal, reflecting her enjoyment of the unique daily experiences in her field.

Outside of work, Deb's life is enriched by time spent with family, friends, and her two pugs. Her interests in home renovation, gardening, and travel add to her well-rounded character, making her more than just a asset manager, but a trusted and experienced partner in managing your property needs.